Covid 19

The team at Cask & Keg is working hard to ensure that we strive to support our community’s efforts in flattening the curve.
Our Response to COVID 19 We take the following steps to support the safety and enjoyment of our guests:

  •  We sanitize cards and baskets after each use
  •  There is a one-way system in place in the store to ensure we maximize distance between people
  •  The floor is market at high volume areas to remind customers to maintain distance
  •  We allow a maximum of 15 guests at a time inside the store
  •  Till areas are sanitized regularly
  •  Our staff sanitize their hands regularly, and every time they handle cash
  •  Our card processors are contactless, and sanitized after it is necessary for someone to use their PIN
  •  We have hand sanitizer for our guests available at the till
  •  Our staff are trained and monitored in hygiene and social distancing practices